Waiting For Abraham

by Russ Rosen Band

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The rather long awaited but timely follow up to "Oil" Russ Rosen Band digs into its collection of faith-filled, passionate songs that reflect a season between the promise and the provision.


released January 1, 2012

Waiting for Abraham
Russ Rosen Band
Produced by Brett Ziegler
Executive Producers Russ Rosen, Brett Ziegler and Chris Michel
Recorded at Brett’s Place by Brett Ziegler. Bass and drums recorded at Mushroom Studio, Vancouver by Chris Michel, assisted by Victoria Canning
Bed track editing by Chris Michel 
Programming by Brett Ziegler
Additional programming on “Hallé Hallé” by Chris Michel

Mixed by Chris Michel
Mastered by Brock McFarlane
Cover Art by Michal Tkachenko
Design and Layout by Brandon J McKay Text edited by Sarah Robertson
Photography by Jenn Co (Beach), Anna Vandas (House) & Josh Mitchinson (Studio)

Musicians Brett Ziegler played the Rhodes, Moog, organs, keyboards/synths, toy piano, melodica, glockenspiels, concertina, tin whistle, hammered mandolin, agogô, and auxiliary percussion, and sang backing vocals. Calum Rees played the drums, John Bews played the bass, Kathleen Nisbet played the violin and sang. Russ Rosen sang lead vocals and played the acoustic and electric guitars and played harmonica. Marika Sorila sang back up on “Sit Down”, Stephen Toon sang back up on “Red Sky”, “Abe”, “Châteauguay”, “Fear” and “Lovely” and Julia Ziegler added her classical voice to “Sit Down” and accordion on “Châteauguay”.

“The band” is a loose term relating to the collection of characters that have made music together on tours, trips and in studios. The gang that worked on this recording are part of the expanding circle of friends.
A “Friends of Bez” initiative.
This project was made with the intention to plough up some hard ground and make recording easier for the next artist. Everyone gave their time with the goal to see a portion of the revenues go towards facilitating subsequent recordings by other artists in our community.

All the songs were written by Russ Rosen and are administrated by Big Tree Publishing, Box 281 Fort Langley, BC Canada V1M 2R6

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Russ Rosen Band
Box 281 Fort Langley, BC Canada V1M 2R6
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There was much rejoicing! Thank you to my favorite daughters: Tadia, Kezia and Bethany! It’s been a long season and you have loved and encouraged well. Much should be made of the faithful, strong love that my bride of 27 years has given. Sandy, my love, many women have done wonderful things but you’ve outclassed them all. Thanks for waiting for Abraham with me.
To the men who have stood with and withstood me, friendship is a great and wondrous gift and I have been richly blessed. Thank you.
Special thanks to Paul Bellows, Jeff Golby, Brian Lee, Karen McAllister, Beverley Robb, Pauline Sanderson and Scott Smith for their generous support. 



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Russ Rosen Band Vancouver, British Columbia

Russ Rosen Band have created a roots rock collection of story driven inspirational songs, with a canadianna-gospel twist that both bring a party and connect with the soul. Percussive guitars, fierce drums and a passionate vocal performance easily attract an audience of all ages and musical tastes. ... more

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Track Name: Red Sky Morning
red sky morning, take the warning
still we’re sailing into the wind/
deep in the galley, twelve plates shaking has the cook’s creation been forsaken/desperate times call for desperate measures you better take care where your treasure lies/I want to find you dancing in the heather whatever the weather I want to see your spirit fly/hear the rumours, wars and tumours one more murder, on the evening news/tension is mounting, looming, daunting/footstool is weakening, can’t bear the weight of waiting/desperate times call for desperate measures you better take care where your treasure lies/I want to find you dancing in the heather whatever the weather I want to see your spirit fly/so take off your old clothes your shackles and vain bows the world is waiting for a fashion show/ where the sons of God and the daughters of Zion divinely arrayed at the last curtain call
Track Name: Ploughman
sharpen the blade of this ploughman
so I can make the furrow deep/
give me a sack full of seed to sow ‘cause
the angels are coming to reap/I have asked for more seed to sow/I have asked for a sharpened plough/I have asked for an early spring thaw ‘cause the ploughman is in
the passing lane now/woman do you remember (mon pays - my country) when you were younger/I sang you love songs and you began to weep/ your soul spread wide and the seed went deep/the locust years and the empty cup were blown away when I filled you up/you stretched your arms open wide/your sons and daughters they come running to your side/ain’t gonna sit around waiting for the harvest, my head’s like flint, my eyes like fire/I have seen so
many fields lying fallow gonna let my plough go, row by row by row by row by row by row by row by row/the seed you sow will grow/got to live by faith
Track Name: Waiting For Abraham
sleeping on the beach last night/woke with a cough and a choke my city was burning, city was burning/so I climb up the grind to the top to find I can’t get above the smoke can’t count stars/ future uncertain/city of man when will we understand/we cannot let grains of faith slip through our hands/like English Bay sand waiting for Abraham/he’s good and dead, still
the promise stands/do we know the time/dawn came early a south wind’s fury/dumping a deluge of rain everything blurring/sirens are whirring/the sky cried hard a river in every yard/the fire and the flood/now creatures
are stirring/one by one people start to run/ trying to find their way down to the ocean/ such a commotion/a million or more arrive on the shore/sun breaks through started rising started rising/the sky explodes in a blaze electric faces glow reflecting heaven’s light/as we’re soaking up the colour someone starts to holler “hey, it’s the Lord, he’s made us a meal/he’s made us a meal”/we gather round to eat, the Lord begins to speak words so clear/if you have ears/do you love me, do you love me/give me your answer can I be your dancer Abraham longed for this night under the stars/give me your answer can I be your dancer/ Abraham dreamed of this day right where you are/city of man when will we understand/we cannot let grains of faith slip through our hands like English Bay sand waiting for Abraham/he’s good and dead, still the promise stands/there’s more on Jericho’s shore/heaven’s on its feet shouting for the encore/do we know the time
Track Name: Hallé Hallé
the road it is long but the carrier is strong hallelujah/the mountain is high but with praise we can fly hallelujah/hallelujah hallelu hallelujah hallelu/under his wing the faithful can sing hallelujah/and we’re gaining ground as we lift up the sound Hallelujah/hallelujah hallelu hallelujah hallelu/heaven’s kingdom this day advances with praise hallelujah/and we’ll not shrink back we will press the attack hallelujah/Hallé Hallé Hallé, Hallelujah/
the face of the Lord is radiant and true/
just look in his eyes pride is consumed/
his holy right arm he takes from his robe/
his holy right arm - to carry us home/
we are transformed, renewed and reborn hallelujah/we have a story, from glory to
glory hallelujah/hallelujah, hallelu, hallelujah, hallelu/Hallé Hallé Hallé, Hallelujah
Track Name: Rise Up
rise, rise up, rise up O God, defend your cause/ how long, how long will your enemies mock you
O Lord/rise, rise up, rise up O God, defend your cause/why, why why why do you hold back your right hand/rise, rise up, rise up, O God, defend your cause/out on the street there’s injustice, Lord, injustice my God/rise, rise up, rise up O God, defend your cause/even in your church,
my Lord/there is corruption/rise, rise up, rise
up O God, defend your cause/I met him in the
line outside in the shadow of the steeple with the hungry people/he said, the bread of God will come to those who wait/and waiting is a wonderful thing ‘cause God in heaven is up to something/ trust and you’ll receive all you need/back to the house in the burbs with the wife and the family waiting on the landing/same as the neighbor next door more more more/then it’s down to the costco store got to fill up my basket belly is elastic/home to the comfy chair the world can’t get me there/don’t let go, don’t let go of the dove in your hand, my Lord/don’t forget, don’t forget, your loving promises don’t forget, my Lord/ rise, rise up, rise up, O God, defend your cause
Track Name: Sit Down
sit down, sit down and dream you’ve not yet seen things I’ve got planned for you/sit down, sit down and rest take a load off your chest
I want you blessed, O yes/you’ll be lifted up high to where the sky does not fall/you’ll be lifted up high to where my love overflows/ and I’ll be with you/sit down, sit down, relax, break the bag off your back let it slide, let it
slack/sit down, sit down, unwind, release your mind you’ll be surprised what you’ll find this time/you’ll be lifted up high to where the sky does not fall/you’ll be lifted up high to where my love overflows/lifted up, lifted up high/to speak to your spirit I got to get past your mind/ sit down, let me whisper in your ear /let you know that I am near, there’s no need to fear, my dear/sit down, let me give you a kiss/don’t want you to miss/don’t miss the bliss of this
Track Name: Lovely
you are lovely/in your house I’m satisfied as your presence washes over me/every morning I wake up thirsty for a taste to satiate my spirit’s need/I love you/I love you/a city crescendo/ you’re the rumbling timpani reverberating elevating life from these stones/I cannot help
myself/I’ll be the trumpet section/I’ll be the rowdy cymbals crashing your name/I love you/I love you/you are gorgeous you are good/you’re my refuge in this world/more than riches,
more than gold/more than favour, you alone/ you’re my lover you’re my comforter you lift my chin up and speak life to my soul/let’s run away we can drink from your river/we can sing on your mountain/we can dance till dawn
Track Name: Châteauguay
there’s a bridge to Châteauguay/built by the muscle of many a brave/to span the shamed St. Louis’ grave/lift the curse and see us saved/in Châteauguay there is a key/
as holy healing is released/the maple leaf and fleur de lys/embrace and share the kiss of peace/who would think this lake shore town/would be the source of such renown/ not much hope on the surface is found/but God is pouring his glory down/holy, holy, holy is the God of history/holy, holy, holy is the God of destiny/the Battleford sky displays a sign repeating rainbows mark the time/fifty years of innocent blood open the gates to revival’s flood/ now fifty years of latter rain/the doors of heaven swing wide again/the treaty made with God and man will prove true and heal our land/and I can almost taste what I’m longing for/filling more and more and more/I can see from shore to shore/filling more and more and more/with watchmen on the walls in strength/the nation’s one in breadth and length/faces like flint and hearts afire/the glory of God our one desire
Track Name: Fear of the Lord
the fear of the Lord will be our foundation/
the heart of the Lord will be our destination/ with single-hearted devotion we will serve
the living God/all our strength and motion
to see his kingdom come/to everyone/every tribe and tongue/puffed up with pride they proclaim/they say God is gone/their words are
poison gas fouling the air/they poison rivers and skies/thistles are their cash crop/God sticks his head out of heaven and looks around/ looking for someone not so stupid/someone
not quite so daft/looking for a God-ready man/ one woman, a little bit God-expectant/just
one family who prays/in these evil days
Track Name: Georgian Bay
on the shores of Georgian Bay the wind kisses my face/I feel the sand tickle my toes/I hear the Lord say, son, rest in my embrace/let me pour my peace into your soul/listening to the legends of a people’s separation/from their creator the
great and mighty Chief/how the spirits of the earth bound them all with fear/but the people longed for the day of their release/I remember three hundred years ago/when Jean de Brébeuf sang his Huron Carol/how the villagers all stood to join that gospel song/singing, Jesus is the one we’ve waited for/so much has gone wrong since we first heard that song/many closets have been built for the secrets/but the release that was hoped for has now come in full force/First Peoples lead nations to Jesus/ as the cedar tree grows deep rooted and tall/so will all who will call on his name/and the curse that brought blindness we now put behind us to walk in his peace all our days/this land is waiting for a song/Father Jean is gone his blood is crying out/a song a song waiting for a song /they that sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy/out of the blood of my veins let come a song